college studentWith the start a new year some people make resolutions and stick to them and others simply gradually work their way into the year without any plans. It would be nice to have a system in place to help you maximize the moments as it pertains to establishing realistic goals and actually achieving them.

A good formula to help you jumpstart your new year read as follows, inspiration plus motivation equals empowerment. The formula inspiration plus motivation equals empowerment can catapult you from obscurity to success if you apply it.

I have applied inspiration plus motivation equals empowerment throughout my personal and professional career and it works to perfection. For example, while in high school my guidance counselor told me I did not have what it takes to become a successful college student.

First of all, I found my high school guidance counselor assessment of me to be a bit off track and I did not accept it to be my reality. I used my guidance counselors comments as inspiration, besides it was up to me to decide whether I would be a successful college student. The bottom line is this, inspiration precedes motivation and I was motivated to prove to myself how successful I would be in college.

I took it upon myself to finish high school by earning my high school diploma as a result of doing my best academic work ever and I did. After my conversation with my guidance counselor, I continued to apply and visit colleges and universities and in the end I selected the school I was going to attend and fast forward, four years later I graduated with academic honors.

In the end, I was empowered through the motivation I received which was preceded by the inspiration of someone telling me I could not succeed at something I knew I could. My inspiration plus motivation equals empowerment formula is a formula for success and to this day it works for me and can work for you as well.

Take a close look at what is involved in inspiration of my formula. Inspiration is defined as a divine influence or action on a person held to qualify him to receive and communicate sacred revelations. During my senior year of high school, specifically the week of Thanksgiving I got really sick and spent a week in the hospital. On the second day of my inpatient hospital visit I was bored and wanted something to read and after opening the night stand drawer I saw a bible and started reading it.

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